Lover of cake & words

I do so love my cake and I have devoured many; chewing and mulling upon them as they give me comfort and respite in my joyful and challenging days. The only other tasty morsel that rivals my passion for cake is the written word. 

This love affair with words (much like my trysts with calorie-heavy but soul lifting cakes) has led me to my current life chapter where my day job requires me pitch to clients the many ways to tell their brand stories through graphics, colours, logos and words, in areas small and big. The task of tackling a brief astutely to deliver a marvellous product that delights both client and consumer, thrills me.

As an empowered woman, I embrace my many roles – as a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. 

Growing through life while daring greatly (thank you Brene Brown for your wisdom) is an improved life goal I am working towards. To do that, I will use my voice, my words to connect and hopefully empower you. 

With our ‘insta-world’ being so fleeting and temporal, I wanted to find a new space to call my own, to share longer ruminations and experiences in my bid to optimise my life so that I can achieve more. 

Eating cake is like time travelling; every bite transports me to a warm, fuzzy place where glowing candles and neatly wrapped presents awaits me. That moment after I blow out the candles, as I rub my hands in glee to receive a slice of oozy chocolate cake – utter bliss. Welcome to my little nook – here’s a slice of virtual cake from me.

Bon appetit, and enjoy the cake (I do mean words).